Nature Safari: The Story So Far

Say "Hello!" to the team and read our story!

Nature Safari was launched in September 2012 by our Senior Field Officer, Julia. Julia had been working in the outdoors since she was 15 years old, and has lots of experience in conservation, horticulture and animal husbandry alike. Her passion, however, has always been to inspire others about creatures and nature.

Meet the Team

Here you can read all about our Field Officers, from their experiences to qualifications. There's even a pic of them too!


From Parties to Roadshows, see what people have been saying about their booking with us!

Our Values

Find out more about our core values - its the very essesnce of what we are about, and the standards we strive to achieve!

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Since its launch Nature Safari has grown year-on-year, with more people discovering the fun of the outdoors - and the animal crew growing in members too! With new experiences being launched each year, the hardest part is deciding which encounter to book!

"For me, the great outdoors is an exciting, amazing and fascinating place that people of any age can enjoy. I want to encourage and inspire people to explore hidden habitats and discover the wonder and magic of nature and its critters - they're not all scary!


Through Nature Safari people can discover hidden kingdoms, develop their conservation skills and handle exciting creatures - and all within their local area!"