Nature Safari: Bushcraft Experiences

Discovery and Exploration in the great outdoors!

From stick whittling to den building, our Bushcraft Experience workshops are designed to promote discovery, curiosity and self-development 

to students of all ages.

Our outstanding workshops are student

centred, interactive and engaging; 

embedding learning and inspiring  exploration within every participant . They also meet with the National Curriculum and Ofsted criteria too!

Build a natural den!

Build a natural den!

Develop Teamwork Skills!

Develop Teamwork Skills!

Get handy with our tools!

Get handy with our tools!

Conduct outdoor investigations!

Conduct outdoor investigations!

Create a campfire!

Create a campfire!

Develop creativity skills!

Develop creativity skills!

Our "Bushcraft Experience" workshops allow students to explore nature in an outdoor classroom environment, participating in activities such as campfires, den building, scavenger hunts, campfires and wood crafting using hand tools.


Our Bushcraft Experiences are based on the Forest Schools ethos, and as such highly encourage sensory learning through environmental interactions. Students are given opportunities to develop themselves both physically, emotionally and socially; allowing holistic self development to take place in an enjoyable and memorable way.


All resources are provided; from tools to tarpaulins, spot-it booklets to fire pits. All students are encouraged to explore and discover their environment, whilst developing skills in identification, safe tool use and wilderness survival.

 Some of our recent workshop themes have been.... 

Primary (KS1 - KS2)

  • Wild Shelters: Design and Creation

  • Camp-fire Cookery

  • Woodland Whittling

  • Stream and Pond Dipping

  • Mini-beast Safaris

  • Habitat Exploration

  • Flower & Tree Outdoor Discovery

  • Recycled Art and Natural Crafts 

  • Wildlife Survey Skills

Secondary (KS3 - KS4)

  • Human Impacts on the Environment

  • Ecological Surveying

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Earth Changes: Geology, Biology and Atmosphere

  • Astronomy and The Solar System

  • Biogeochemical cycles

  • Invertebrate Investigations  (Aquatic and Terrestrial)

Further / Higher Education

  • Ecological Concepts

  • Fauna and Flora Ecology and Identification

  • Plant and Soil Sciences

  • Environmental Science

  • Ecological Surveying / Monitoring 

  • Practical Habitat Management 

  • Environmental Interpretation

  • Countryside Recreation

Our Interactive Workshops are tailored to your requirements, including combining topics.

If you would like us to deliver a session on a subject that isn’t listed, 

just let us know and we will create a session for you! 

With prices starting from just £4 per participant and a huge selection of workshops, why not make an enquiry today?