Nature Safari: FAQ's!

Got a Question? Check our FAQ list for an answer!

Are all the encounters the same?

Not at all! All our encounters are tailored to your requirements, from animals present to activities supplied, making each booking unique. We have over 20 different types of animal and regularly recruiting new additions to our “animal crew” team. We also have a lots of practical nature equipment too, including bushcraft resources. The hardest part is deciding what to book!

Do I have to hold an animal? I'm scared of them / have an allergy?

It is not compulsory to hold any of the animals, and we are happy for you just to look at the animals. We do encourage handling / touching, but we understand that not everyone is comfortable doing this, or may have medical reasons for opting out. We supply hand sanitising lotion at all times too, so that you can clean your hands immediately after contact.

Is it safe to hold the animals? Won't they bite me?

Whilst our animas may look scary, they are all handled regularly by our Field Oficiers and can't wait to have a cuddle with you! Full handling instructions are given prior to holding our Animal Crew, and you are fully supervised at all times by our staff too.

Do we come to visit you, like a Wildlife Park?

We are a mobile encounters servive, which means we come to you! All our encounters are delivered at a location of your choice, so there are no extra costs of entrance fees or charges for transporting your group. 

Are the encounters expensive?

We are committed to delivering high quality interactive encounters and firmly believe that this should not break the bank. Each of our experiences are competitively priced to achieve this, and include lots of little extras too. Once you have participated in a Nature Safari encounter you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how good value we are!

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