Nature Safari: Mini-beast Loaning

Hire our mini-beast crew for you classroom!

If time is limited or your on a tight budget, try your skills as a field officer for the day and turn your classroom into a mini-beast haven!

All our mini-beasts come complete with tank labels and a double sided facts/care sheet (including handling guidance!) for you to use when teaching. We even supply gloves and hand sanitiser for yourself and your pupils to wear. The hardest decision is which one to meet first!

Not feeling brave enough to handle them? All our mini-beasts are supplied in see-through tanks, so if you prefer to just look at them and watch what they are doing instead you can.

Our Mini-beast loan contains...


  • Stick Insects (2 varieties supplied)

  • Giant African Land Snails

  • Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches

  • Giant African Millipede



  • Tarantula 

  • Scorpions



  • Tutor "facts" sheets (for each animal)

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Tank Labels (for each animal)

  • A pack of non-latex gloves


*All critters are subject to availability*

Our mini-beast collection is available from just £100 per day -

so why not make a booking today?