Nature Safari: Early Years

Because learning starts before School does!

We know that children are fascinated by the world outdoors; from caterpillars munching on leaves to the colours of all the different flowers in the garden.They love the wonder and excitement that nature holds and enjoy finding out all about it.


Our pre-school workshops are designed with this knowledge in mind, encouraging children to interact with different animals and/or the environment around them. Each of our workshops target the senses as we believe that sensory learning develops the childs mind in a fun and engaging way; and also sees them retaining the knowledge gained, which is beneficial in their school years ahead.


Our core workshops are:

  • What’s Out There? : A nature walk in the local environment taking in the sights and sounds of nature. We listen out for birds singing and see if we can spot any animals too - or at least any signs of them!

  • Rainbow Walk: A bright and colourful nature exploration walk! We look at all the different colours in the outdoor environment and allow children to create a rainbow card from collecting different items. Can they make a rainbow from their adventure?

  • Who’s Rubbish? : A make-and-do workshop using lots of rubbish! Create items such as kites, bracelets, snow globes and cars... or maybe even a work of art!

  • Critter Corner: Our most popular animal workshop. Children are invited to touch, stroke and even hold a selection of our animal crew and compare their textures. Who is the softest? Who is the scaliest? Who is the slimiest? Only the children can decide!

  • Essssscape!: A handling workshop with a twist. Meet one of our snakes and hear about their adventures when they essssscaped! Who did they meet? What did they hear? What did they do? And are they going to try and eat YOU?!

  • Bunny Book-time! : Its story time with a difference; two of our rabbits are there to join in! Choose from a selection of animal-themed stories in our library and our long-eared friends will happily keep the children company as we read. If you would prefer us to read a specific story you have instead that’s ok - our rabbits love a good read!

All our workshops are tailor made to your requirements, and we are happy to adapt any of them to make them more interesting and enjoyable for your group. Alternatively, we are happy to create a different workshop for you - just let us know what you would like and we will try and make a package to suit you!