Nature Safari: Scouts and Brownies

Interactive workshops tailored to your badges!

From animal welfare to campfires, our Interactive workshops are designed to engage, encourage and educate; from Cubs through to Scouts, Rainbows through to Guides.

Our tailor-made workshops are targeted towards assisting your groups in achieving their badges, using interactive and inspiring delivery. Every individual is encouraged to participate, whilst also being given lots of fun information to build their knowledge. 

Create a Survival Den!

Create a Survival Den!

Become a Chinchilla Mountain!

Become a Chinchilla Mountain!

Have-a-go feeding encounters!

Have-a-go feeding encounters!

Campfire Cooking Opportunities!

Campfire Cooking Opportunities!

Interact with a range of Critters!

Interact with a range of Critters!

Learn about Welfare and Husbandry!

Learn about Welfare and Husbandry!

Our "Animal Encounter" workshops allow students to interact with a selection of both common and exotic species; ranging from mammals to reptiles, invertebrates to amphibians*. Our "Bushcraft Experience" workshops allow students to explore nature in an outdoor classroom environment, participating in activities such as campfires, den building, scavenger hunts, campfires and wood crafting using hand tools.                                                                                                            * Restricted availability


All our animals are fully handleable, and students are encouraged to observe, touch and handle each of the animals present whilst being given lots of interesting facts about each creature; such as welfare requirements, diet and husbandry levels. Our Bushcraft Experiences highly encourage sensory learning through environmental interactions, and every child is given opportunities to develop their skills whilst learning the importance of looking after the outdoors.


All resources are provided; from tools to tarpaulins, critters to worksheets. Our extended workshops include "animal info" worksheets (or colouring sheets if prefered), "make and do" craft activities, interactive "knowledge-test" games, story-time and additional handling/welfare activities.            

 Some of the Badges our workshops cover include.... 

Cubs, Beavers, Scouts and Explorers

  • Outdoor (Challenge Badge)

  • Adventure Challenge (Challenge Badge)

  • Animal Carer/Friend (Activity Badge)

  • Astronomer (Activity Badge)

  • Backwoods Cooking (Activity Badge)

  • Environmental Converastion (Activity Badge)

  • Explore (Activity Badge)

  • Naturalist (Activity Badge)

  • Survival Skills (Activity Badge)

Rainbows, Brownies and Guides

  • Friends To Animals 

  • Environment

  • Stargazer

  • Wildlife Explorer

  • Outdoor Cook

  • Survival

  • Animal Active (Go For It! Badge)

  • GRRReen (Go For It! Badge)

  • I Will Survive (Go For It! Badge)

Our Interactive Workshops are tailored to your requirements, including combining topics.

If you would like us to deliver a session on a badge that isn’t listed, 

just let us know and we will create a workshop for you! 

With prices starting from just £75 per workshop and

a large range to choose from, why not make an booking today?