Nature Safari: What You Said!

Excellent Service? Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Nature Safari prides itself on having 100% positive customer feedback.

Here's a selection of what some of you have said so far...

"A fantastic opportunity for little ones to handle the animals in a safe and friendly environment. Julia was just so wonderful with the children! The range of animals was excellent. I would highly recommend it for children of all ages."

Ann Mason (Assistant)

Interactive Workshop: Little Bunnies Playgroup (October 2019)

"A good selection of animals, all the children were encouraged to join in and praised when they did something. The animals were very professionally handled. Julia was very good with the children and encouraged them to interact with each type of animals. Parents/Grandparents were also encouraged to join in with the children, making the session enjoyable for all."

Marilyn Jennings (Playgroup Assistant)

Interactive Workshop: Little Bunnies Playgroup (October 2019)

"Exceptional Safari experience from 6 months to 3yrs. The children were all very happy which was great to see - the whole experience was amazing!"

Sharon Wall (Grandmother)

Interactive Workshop: Little Bunnies Playgroup (October 2019)

"Big thank you to Julia, my daughter and her friends had an absolute ball at her 6th birthday bushcraft party. Even the grown-ups joined in with the den building and sword making! The highlight was toasting marshmallows and mars bars on the campfire at the end. Great memories made xx"

Lindsey Burke (Parent)

Childrens Party (August 2019)

"This is the second time we have had Julia and her animal friends in school, and yet again we thoroughly enjoyed her visit. The workshop was very knowledgeful and interactive and the children were mesmerised by the animals that came to visit. Julia encouraged all children to participate without pressuring, and because of this the children felt safe and confident in handling the animals (even the slightly scarier ones). Afterwards the children were buzzing about the animals and said it was the best visit ever! We will look forward to our next visit - I'm already trying to think which school topic would fit with Julia and her friends visiting again. Thank you so much!" 

Melissa Connell (Class Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Brinsworth Whitehill Primary (July 2019)

"A wonderful afternoon meeting all the animals. The children loved it - I've never seen my son lie so still as when Tex Tarantula crawled over him! He told all his teachers at school the next day! Julia managed a big group of children really well and they all enjoyed it. A fun and educational experience - Thank you so much!"

Zoe Gower (Parent)

Childrens Party (June 2019)

"The boys loved seeing the animals and went home buzzing following our interactive workshop. It was great to see them all fully participating in the session. Julia was passionate and knowledgeable and this helped engage the boys throughout the session. I fully recommend this to other groups."

James Pickles (Group Leader)

Interactive Workshop: Elland Boys Brigade (May 2019)

"The Animal Encounter Party was a great opportunity for the children to meet and touch some new animals that they haven't seen before. The children were particularly excited to see and hold the tarantula - they were so quiet you could hear a pin drop! Amazing!"

Joanne Bentley (Parent)

Children's Party (May 2019)

"We would like to say a huge Thank You to Nature Safari for getting on board with our charity event at our children's day nursery. It was a great feature to have during the morning and we loved seeing all our families interacting with the animals. We have had lots of positive feedback following the event and a lot of this is down to Nature Safari being so fantastic with the children and families. Thank you!"

Emma Staley (Deputy Nursery Manager)

Safari Roadshow: Montessori Nursery Moortown (May 2019)

"Everything went smoothly, there were smiles on every client throughout the visit -it's not every day you get to hold and stroke a skunk! Good correspondence via email throughout the booking process. A really professional and enjoyable experience."

Nicola \Walker (CLO)

Interactive Workshop: Aspire Community Group (May 2019)

"An absolutely fantastic experience! Children and adults alike had great fun and learned lots about the super animals that came to visit our school. 10/10!"

Penny Hayhurst (Class Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Upperwood Academy (October 2018)

"A big "Thank You!" to Julia, Harriet and her friends had a fabulous time at the party. Bringing all those animals and keeping the children captivated by the interesting facts about all of them, Julia did a fantastic job! I would certainly recommend a party of this nature as the children were still talking about their experiences when they went back to school. Thank you once again!"

Mandy Hopkins (Grandparent)

Childrens Party (January 2019)

"A wonderful party idea, kept all the children engaged and excited. Fab party bags for all the children and a lovely birthday present for my daughter. Such a great range of animals and Julia was amazing with my disabled daughter. I would highly recommend!"

Katherine Taylor (Parent)

Childrens Party (December 2018)

"Newbald Natter is a free monthly get-together to help keep elder members of our community connected. We try and offer different activities for attendees to look forward to. Nature Safari was a huge hit with our participants, everyone was thoroughly engaged and many took the opportunity to hold or pet one of the animals. Julia was an excellent host and pitched herself just right for the audience. I would highly recommend Nature Safari to other groups!"

Emma Hibbs (Organiser)

Interactive Workshop: Newbald Natter (November 2018)

"It was the best night ever - seeing and touching spiders and scorpions was really cool!!!"

Harry (aged 10)

Interactive Workshop: Ferriby and Swanland Cub Scouts (October 2018)

" We booked an Animal Encounter party for my daughter's 10th birthday party. The children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed meeting and holding the animals and learning all about them too. Julia was very friendly and good at encouraging the children to get involved. It was a lovely afternoon and I would highly recommend Nature Safari to anyone."

Theresa Barrett (Parent)

Childrens Party (October 2019)

"The Field Officer staff were great, very friendly and helpful. We really enjoyed the experience and it was good value for money. All parents commented on how good it was and how nice it was too see the kids playing and enjoying themselves. It was great!"

Caroline Wallis (Parent)

Childrens Party (September 2018)

"Our scout group had a very enjoyable visit. They learnt lots of new facts about the animals that were present and many went home to share these new facts with their parents. The workshop was enjoyed by all and Julia did so well to get and keep the attention of 23 scouts."

Anne-Marie Lancelot (Scout Leader)

Interactive Workshop: Skelmanthorpe Scouts (September 2018)

"Nature Safari were brilliant, adapting their programme to fit our 30 minute sessions during the Beaver & Scounts camp. Their timings were perfect, ensuring all the beavers got to interact with each animal. They all enjoyed meeting and handling all the animals. Thank you for coming!"

Peter Metcalfe (Camp Leader)

Interactive Workshop: Cheadle and Hulme Beavers (July 2018)

" For three years running this has been the favourite event of our summer activities programme at Edlington Library. It's always lovely to see the looks on the children's faces who obviously enjoy the session immensely! An enjoyable, entertaining and educational hands-on experience for the children which is always professional and well organised."

Mary Camm (Library Supervisor)

Interactive Workshop: Edlington Library (July 2018)

"Wow! What a fantastic party! It exceeded my expectations and the kids loved every second of it - so did the parents! The children were engaged from start to finish and it was lovely to see them enjoy themselves away from the typical soft-play party. The parents that stayed ended up getting stuck in and loved it just as much as the kids. After the party all the parents messaged me to say how much they and their children enjoyed it - with their kids talking non-stop about it! Multiple parents described it as a "refreshing change" to the usual party and one parent even said "it's going to be hard to top that"! The gift for the birthday boy was so lovely, and the party bags were perfect too. HIGHLY recommend to any parent of a liitle boy or girl!!!"

Rachael Kynaston-Turner (June 2018)

Childrens Party (June 2018)

"I would happily recommend Nature Safari. The whole evening was well run, Julia clearly knows her animals and all the children had an opportunity to touch, hold and coo at the creatures. It was inclusive with no child left out, no matter how squeamish they may have been. The enthusiasm of Julia was excellent, and it was pleasing to see the more reticent children joining in. An excellent night!"

Simon Parkin (Scout Leader)

Interactive Workshop: 12th Rotherham Scouts (June 2018)

"I was very impressed with the whole experience and how much the children were involved and allowed to handle the animals. I was also very impressed with the gift bags and birthday present. A really enjoyable party for my son."

Amy Vernon (Parent)

Childrens Party (June 2018)

"Julia and her crew of critters made our 9yr old son's party such an enjoyable and exciting event. From start to finish Julia was brilliant, and the range on animals from Skunk to Rabbits was fascinating. Thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon!"

Amanda Waite (Parent)

Childrens Party (June 2018)

"The way that Julia presented the animals to the children captivated and held their attention; not easy with a group of over 20 4-6yr olds! The party was a big success, Olivia had a party to remember. Julia was a lot of fun and the animals were all stars, and the party ran smoothly from start to finish. Olivia and her sister were involved from start to finish and enjoyed every moment. Absolutely perfect!"

Nicola Brown (Parent)

Childrens Party (March 2018)

"An inspirational and educational experience which took children's love of animals to another level through tactile/hands on opportunities for learning as well as promoting a focus on care for nature and the world around us. Thank you!"

Samantha Travis (Headteacher)

Interactive Workshop: South Kirkby Academy (March 2018)

"We had a wonderful day with Nature Safari. Julia was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable about the animals she brought. The children had an amazing day - it was a very exciting experience and a perfect way into our topic! Thank you!"

Jonathan Smith (Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Eckington Junior School (February 2018)

"WOW! What an absolutely fabulous day! Julia and her friendly critters were fantastic and we loved meeting each and every one of them. Julia was very knowledgeable about each of the animals and discussed with the children whether the animals would be well suited to life in a rain-forest (which is our current topic). Julia allowed the children time to be excited about the animals and it didn't feel rushed. The children who weren't as confident in handling the critters were reassured but not pushed, and one child who was very anxious about spiders even ended up facing their fear and holding a tarantula! As a class teacher, it was great to see the children conquering fears and being incredibly brave especially when it came to the scarier critters. It was a fantastic experience for children and staff; everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. The children are still buzzing with enthusiasm - in fact, they've already asked if Julia can come again!"

Melissa Connell (Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School (February 2018)

"This Party was just fabulous! It was a joint party for my 6 and 4 year old daughters, so the children who attended the party were quite a wide age range from 2 to 7, but Julia engaged all of the children and they all found it enjoyable. The adults who came with their children all commented how great this was being able to get so close to the animals and learning fun facts about them all and several took away business cards for future reference. My daughter Sophie has already asked if she can have this party again next year so she can meet the rest of Julia's animals!!

Sullivan the skunk stole the show though, he melted everyone's heart and the children found it hilarious that he likes to eat cheese sandwiches and wotsits. Thank you so much for an enjoyable afternoon!!!"

Rachel Iredale (Parent)

Childrens Party (December 2017)

"A great addition to our Christmas fair. Our children had a fantastic experience learning about the animals as well as handling them, and Julia was full of enthusiasm for the children. Thank you for coming!"

Hellen Jakeman (Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Stanley St Peters Christmas Fair (November 2017)

"The party was amazing for both children and adults; the children loved the animals! Thank you for a brilliant party!"

Ian Skirrow (Parent)

Childrens Party (October 2017)

"The 2nd Calverley Brownies (and the leaders!) had the best time cuddling the critters from Nature Safari - I can't remember seeing them so enthralled during a meeting before! I also can't believe how brave they all were holding the tarantula! They also thought Sully was the cutest stinky skunk!

 They were in their element learning about the types of creature that hibernate and guessing which ones live in hot or cold countries. They learnt so much about each animal and it helped them complete one of their badges. 

Thank you so much Julia (and the critters!) for holding such an informative and exciting animal encounter. We all absolutely loved it and I'm finding it difficult to think of other activities to top this one for next term!"

Charley Wicks (Organiser)

Interactive Workshop: Calverley Brownies (October 2017)

"The children loved all the different animals and enjoyed being able to interact with them; they were each encouraged to take part in the activities, and the awards for the children taking part and the little gift bag they each got at the end was a lovely touch. Thank you!"

Kerry Waplington (Organiser)

Interactive Workshop: Bircotes Pre-school (October 2017)

"A great time had by all. Some of the grown-ups enjoyed the den building as much as the children! The children all enjoyed and had fun all the way through the party. Thank you again!"

Karen Smeeton (Parent)

Childrens Party (October 2017)

"What a fantastic and unique party my little boy had! I didn't want to do the usual play centre party as it can get a bit much for my son so wanted something where they were outdoors and had more freedom. All of the kids (and adults!) loved getting stuck in to the den building - Julia was so enthusiastic and kept them really engaged. They made swords and wands around the fire and then toasted their lunch, happy faces all round!! There were no tears or fights which for 25 five year olds is a miracle! Sandall Beat Woods is a great venue – the park next to the camp area made it easy to keep the kids entertained while we waited for guests. Brilliant
value for money too, I'd highly recommend Nature Safari for a party!"

Kirsty Ellis (Parent)

Childrens Party (September 2017)

"Nature Safari were extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the event. All the children who attended the event thoroughly enjoyed holding the animals and learning about them in the process. Great experience, thanks so much for being part of our event!"

Georgina Hickey (Assistant Event Producer)

Safari Roadshow: Vista Summer BBQ (August 2017)

"Thank you so much - it was a fantastic opportunity to interact with a range of amazing animals. Cute, cuddly, mischievous, shy - and show-offs! The animals made everyone smile, the session was highly interactive and the staff were extremely knowledgeable. Best afternoon EVER!"

Amy (Patient)

Interactive Workshop: Riverdale Grange (August 2017)

"An absolutely incredible experience I'll never forget, I loved how interactive and engaging it was. I never thought I'd be able to cuddle a skunk!"

Lauren (Patient)

Interactive Workshop: Riverdale Grange (August 2017)

"Julia's care for the animals shone out in the session and created a lovely warm atmosphere.  Julia's technical knowledge was fantastic also, sharing fascinating details about the animals that helped everyone really get to know them as individuals. The feedback from our patients was unanimously positive; one or two of our patients said this was the best day ever!  It’s hard to measure the impact of such sessions but from my perspective there were some very significant interactions in terms of confidence and I think it was also quite a bonding experience for the group. I’ll certainly be singing your praises to our director here! Thanks for coming!"

Richard Crook (Occupational Therapist)

Interactive Workshop: Riverdale Grange (August 2017)

"Having Nature Safari visit at Edlington Library has been an amazing experience for the children - and even helped some of the adults overcome their fears!"

Loretta (Parent)

Interactive Workshop: Edlington Library (August 2017)

"I cannot recommend Julia and Nature Safari enough. All of the children (and parents) loved every minute, the range of animals and the interesting facts Julia was able to pass on to the children kept them all fully engaged; considering they were aged three to eight this was no mean feat!

Her interaction with the children was superb, even the initially shy children were holding the tarantula and cuddling the bearded dragon by the end of the day.

If your children love animals I suggest you get Nature Safari along to your next party, its much better than soft play!"  

Paul Coulson (Parent)

Childrens Party (August 2017)

"Nature Safari went down a storm at our recent gala in Conisbrough. Children were encouraged to have hands-on animal encounters, with both familiar animals and more exotic ones, which they will always remember and the staff were informative and reassuring also. Thank you!"

Penny Lloyd-Rees (Event Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Conisbrough Gala (August 2017)

"Once again Julia pulled it out of the bag. My daughters face was a picture when she realised Julia had arrived with her animals to her "End of Term" party.  My daughter was involved right from the beginning helping carry the equipment into the garden and filling up the animals water bottles. Julia was amazing with the group of girls giving them lots of hands on experiences and facts about the animals. The animals were different from our last encounter which is always good to keep the children entertained. I would definitely recommend Julia and her lovely animals, she's one in a million and really cares and loves her animals. I will be using Julia every time for an animal encounter without question. Thanks again Julia, you are a star!"

Katherine Smedley (Parent)

Family Function: End-of-Term Party (July 2017)

We have used Nature Safari for two years, and the company have been great. All the students had a fantastic time! Thank you so much Julia for coming again!"

Kate Bradshaw (Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Bent's Green Funday (July 2017)

"The children at Walkington Pre School loved meeting Julia and her critters this week. Julia's passion for her critter friends is contagious and the way she handles them inspired confidence in so many of the children. It was lovely to witness the children being brave with Julia's gentle support and encouragement. A great experience all round. Thank you so much!"

Anne Marris (Preschool Manager)

Interactive Workshop: Walkington Primary School (July 2017)

"The party was completely was completely run by the Nature Safari staff so there was very little for me to do! Very professional and well organised company with very friendly staff, I would definitely recommend. The present for the birthday girl was absolutely perfect too! Thank you!"

Sally-Anne Bunning (Parent)

Childrens Party (July 2017)

"Thank you Julia (and the animals!) for a truely fabulous and memorable birthday party. Oscar and his friends really enjoyed it. You did a fab job keeping a group of 7yr old boys entertained! By far the best party we've ever been to. Thanks too for the lovely gift, it is perfect for him!"

Fiona Sheehan (Parent)

Childrens Party (June 2017)

"Nature Safari is always a must for Rossington Parish Council Events, as the animals are a favourite with all the children who come along. The feedback from children is they love the animals, getting close to them and cuddling them. You really couldn't improve on what you do!"

Anne Hammond (Parish Clerk)

Safari Roadshow: Rossington Easter Eggstravaganza (April 2017)

"The Nature Safari experience was a lovely, interactive, interesting and fun learning experience for the Guides. They came away buzzing about the evening and having the opportunity to meet all the fantastic animals. The animals were so interactive and it was brilliant that the girls could touch and hold them. Information shared was interesting but also applicable to everyday care of more common pets the girls (and leaders!) might have. A huge thanks to Julia and her lovely pack of travelling beasties for coming to us and helping us learn so much more about creatures - both common and exotic!"

Eleanor Levett (Guide Leader)

Interactive Workshop: Bradway Guides (March 2017)

"Fabulous party. Great feedback from the children and adults who came. Thank you Julia for presenting the animals to the children in a fun an fascinating way absolutely captured their attention throughout. No headache after this party, the children were completely absorbed and loved handling them all. It was the top subject for show and tell at school on Monday! Thanks again - we will be recommending you!"

Rachel Walker (Parent)

Childrens Party (March 2017)

"Nature Safari took all the stress away from the usual party planning. Invitations were provided as well as the party bags, organisation of people and children on the day was fantastic and all activities were enjoyable.  We received so many positive comments from parents and children that attended my son's party. Everyone had a super day, especially my son. Thank you so much - we have already been recommending you to other friends!"

Becci Wright-Philips (Parent)

Childrens Party (February 2017)

"Nature Safari really are the best animal experience company I've come across. Julia is very engaging and knowledgeable. The way she interacted with the children was first class - and I've never seen that group sit so quiet when the tarantula came out! I would highly recommend Nature Safari for any group or event. Thank you Julia!"

Alistair Crompton (Parent)

Childrens Party (February 2017)

"As a mother wanting the perfect party for their children, I was nervous to choose a company I had never heard of and for it to be something I could envisage going incredibly wrong in our home. I could not have been any more wrong!  Nature Safari provided my children with an amazing experience for their birthdays. All of the children and adults that attended the party could not stop saying what a wonderful time they had. Julia was professional, punctual and above all friendly! She interacted amazingly with children from 2 years old to 12. The animals were the star of the show and it was clear to see how well they are treated. The adults could not tell me enough how amazing Julia was and so I am telling you...the best party experience ever!"

Anita Sayers (Parent)

Childrens Party (February 2017)

"Our wee man has just fallen asleep after an amazingly exciting party, that he's been counting down to for the last 2 months. He's recited every fact you told him and is clutching his sand gecko as he sleeps - and we've read his fact book front to back already! Thank you for making it so very special for him, from involving him in the set up to take down, and tailoring the animals you brought to his interests. It was so lovely to be able to invite all his friends to share the experience. I just hope the animals weren't too traumatised - 6 year olds can be very enthusiastic! Thanks so much again for all you did today, you're amazing and we value so much how much your animals are cared for."

Louise Fleetwood (Parent)

Childrens Party (January 2017)

"Thank you so much for making our daughters 5th birthday party not only amazing but have the WOW factor. Children and parents were amazed by the wide range of animals and the hands-on experiences they encountered. 32 children all sat quietly for a total of 2 hours ranging from 2-5 years old; I have never seen this before nor have the other parents! Really can not thank Julia enough for the time she took with the children, every single one of them were involved and she had them giggling and smiling with funny stories about the animals. I have endless "thank you's" - not only from the children, but the parents too - for a fantastic party. Thank you so much again for making it a very memorable time for everyone!" 

Katherine Smedley (Parent)

Childrens Party (January 2017)

"Thank you so much for making our daughters 5th birthday party not only amazing but have the WOW factor. Children and parents were amazed by the wide range of animals and the hands-on experiences they encountered. 32 children all sat quietly for a total of 2 hours ranging from 2-5 years old; I have never seen this before nor have the other parents! Really can not thank Julia enough for the time she took with the children, every single one of them were involved and she had them giggling and smiling with funny stories about the animals. I have endless "thank you's" - not only from the children, but the parents too - for a fantastic party. Thank you so much again for making it a very memorable time for everyone!" 

Katherine Smedley (Parent)

Childrens Party (January 2017)

"You were amazing with the animals and the children Julia, keeping them all entertained and involved too at Ruby's party. She absolutely loved it - they all did! We didn't have to do anything, which shows how professional you are. The animals were perfect and beautiful too. I can't believe Ruby held Tex & Kazabian! Feedback from parents was great, they really enjoyed it and seeing their faces when their child held a tarantula or scorpion was fab! Absolutely fantastic and it shines through how much you love everyone of those animals, you were perfect and made it a very special memorable day. I will certainly be spreading the word!!!"

Sharon Clarke (Parent)

Childrens Party (December 2016)

"Julia, Thank you so much for a fab party.  The kids absolutely loved it and there were so many positive comments from the parents....not only about the animals but also about how brilliant you were with the kids too. I have recommended you to our local preschool who are very interested!"

Tricia Donlon (Parent)

Childrens Party (December 2016)

"Thank you Julia, Faith and her friends had a really nice time. Faith said it was the best party ever!"

Janet Edwards (Parent)

Childrens Party (December 2016)

"Nature Safari are superb; they are so friendly, really engaging and knowledgeable. So easy to deal with, I would highly recommend them to anyone!"

Alistair Crompton (Head of Community Engagement)

Interactive Workshop: GForce @ Five Towns Christian Fellowship (November 2016)

"Thank you sooo much for entertaining the young people here, they all enjoyed it so much, I can't thank you enough. Hopefully we will be booking you again soon!"

Annette Cappello

Interactive Workshop: Clayfields House (October 2016)

"The Nature Safari was an amazing addition to our Autumn Fayre.  The staff were so friendly and knowledgeable about the animals, and interacted so well with everyone that visited them.  They really helped adults and children alike to have a first class experience with the animals through touching or holding them.  I would highly recommend the Nature Safari as an addition to any event."

Rebecca Turner-Loisel (Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: St Lawrence Church Autumn Fayre (October 2016)

"Just wanted to thank you for the most amazing party -everyone had a wonderful time (including grown-ups)! They're all exhausted! Hannah loved her present. We've never had to do so little to prepare for a party or had such a wonderful time. The best party our 8 year old has ever had.  Wonderful!"

Nick Smeeton (Parent)

Childrens Party (October 2016)

"Having used Nature Safari previously it was an easy decision to book them for this event. They do such a great job with adults and kids and I'm sure the animals love meeting new people as well. Julia was great; very professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. Everyone had a fab time!"

Ali Crompton (Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Five Towns Community Day (September 2016)

"What a super day! The children were talking about this for days after and parents certainly agreed that their children had a super day, from the many animals you brought and the activites that they interacted in. You have a wealth of experience and show remarkable dedication to your animals, which was reflected in your showcase to the children. This was a large group of children and yet you managed them superbly in a professional and orderly manner as always. The interaction of the children was brilliant with you and they remained engrossed at all times; even with some of our more challenging children within the group. Well done and we look forward to seeing you all again in the future!" 

Lesley Calvert (Manager)

Interactive Workshop: Funfishers Holiday Club (August 2016)

"Nature Safari provided the Animal Encounter at our event for a second year and we received nothing but excellent feedback from those who visited the stand. Nature Safari are an absolute pleasure to work with and they are most very welcome at any of our events. Thank you very much Nature Safari, from Hexthorpe Social Enterprise CIC and the Hexthorpe community!"

Stuart Boardman (Event Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Party in the Park (August 2016)

"Nature Safari are an absolute must for any charity event. They really engage with your audience and we saw nothing but happy smiles from those that visited their roadshow. Thanks again!"

Neil Firbank (Care Manager)

Safari Roadshow: Recovery Games (August 2016)

"A great selection of animals were on show at the workshop. The whole event was run in a very professional way. The presenter (Julia) was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and entertaining. Each child had plenty of time with the animals but there was a good system in place if the children prefered not to touch certain ones. One parent commented that the event had been the best childrens animal event that they had ever attended! Thanks once again for a fantastic event, I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others."

Mary Camm (Library Supervisor)

Interactive Workshop: Edlington Library (August 2016)

"The Nature Safari was fantastic! The adults and children really enjoyed it, and were giving fabulous feedback to our event staff all day. I wouldn't hesitate in booking them for any event!"

Jayne Andrews (Secretary)

Safari Roadshow: Brampton SummerFest (July 2016)

"​Julia has come along now for a 2nd year to our annual end of year Messy Church celebration. She has been very communicative and helpful even when I needed to adjust the date. She comes with a smile and enthusiasm for what she does that just draws people and is everything I could ask for. She encourages participation. A number of ours had fears and used Nature Safari to help overcome them. She interacts well with people and I have heard comments about how knowledgable and passionate she was about her furry friends. What else more can you ask? Thank you Nature Safari and Julia! I hope we can do it again!"

Eric Simpson (Church Leader)

Safari Roadshow: Rossington "Messy Church" (July 2016)

"The enthusiasim of the presenter (Julia) was brilliant and she kept the children (several only just 3) engaged for a good hour. She spoke to them at their level and understanding so that they followed her guidelines really well. Thank you, it was super!"

Jeanette Marshall (Lead Practitioner)

Interactive Workshop: Kirkroyds Preschool (July 2016)

"Thank you so much for coming to our funday, Nature Safari was a great addition. The children and parents loved the hands-on opportunities with the animals, and the feedback we have received has been great. Thank you one again!"

Kate Bradshaw (Chairperson)

Safari Roadshow: Bents Green Fun Day (July 2016)

"Always a brilliant show, Julia is very friendly and the animals are wonderful!"

Esther Collington (Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Lakeside Festival (July 2016)

"This is the second tome we have booked Nature Safari; they are always punctual, professional and great to work with. We receive lots of positive feedback from all visitors to their stand, and the interaction with the animals is great for the children who attend our gala. We would not hesitate to recommend them and will be looking forward to working with them again next year!

Andrew Hutchinson (Chairman)

Safari Roadshow: Drighlington Gala (July 2016)

"What a lovely and unique gift to be able to offer my 88yr old Dad who is not in good health. Julia was very patient and shared so many great facts with us all. It was touching to see him truly experiencing some joy in a life he is finding very challenging at the moment, he loved it and all the family had a brilliant afternoon. It was everything I hoped for. Thank you so much!"

Elly Dolan (Organiser)

Family Function (June 2016)

"Children and Adults alike enjoyed the Nature Safari experience - will certainly book again!"

Hilary Skelton (Secretary)

Safari Roadshow: Ranskill and Torworth Scarecrow Festival (June 2016)

"We had a fantastic time with all the animals, I had a range of ages from 2 years to 13 years at the party and they all loved it. The amount of animals was just right  and the length of time was sufficient for the young ones to stay engaged. You made Noahs 4th Birthday a memorable one that he will remember for ever !!! Thank you for being part of our day!"

Heather Marsden (Parent)

Childrens Party (May 2016)

"Lovely, friendly staff, very knowledgeable, excellent with the children and a good selection of animals to introduce to the class - the workshop was well received by all. Fantastic value for money, would highly recommend!"

Nicky Moffact (Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Cobblers Lane Behaviour Resource (May 2016)

"The whole experience was very enjoyable, everything from booking the event to being involved with hadling the animals was very professionally executed. The workshop was very relaxed and tenents had the chance to hold the animals and chat to Julia about them.I cannot possibly state which was the highlight, only that Sullivan possibly was held the most! An exceptional experience for all ages, I will definitely book them again!"

Janet Alexander-Brown (Support Officer)

Therapy Workshop: Bakersfield Court (May 2016)

"We had a great night which the Brownies and Guides really enjoyed. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to handle some unusual animals and the girls learnt a lot which helped with their Friends to Animals badge. Thank you!"

Kay Collins (Brownie Leader)

Interactive Workshop: Mexborough Brownies and Guides (April 2016)

"What a good night had by all at 28th Doncaster (St Edmunds) Beavers and Cubs. The children had a lovely time looking at and touching the animals. A very entertaining, educational and fun evening!"

Christine Dickinson (Administrator)

Interactive Workshop: 28th Doncaster St Edmunds Scouts (April 2016)

"All the children who took part in the workshops were so enthused, they talked about their experiences for the rest of the week. The workshops were delivered in an informative and confident way, putting all children at ease. It was wonderful to see those children who were initially wary of some of the animals to become confident at handling them and overcoming fears. Could you make time slow down as everyone said the hour workshop went far too quickly!"

Judy Reid (Class Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Stockingate Mill Junior School (March 2016)

"Safari Animals are great for any event and the various animals are lovely! We really enjoyed the fact that a lot of children got to meet and touch the animals and be ‘hands on’. The youngsters kept returning to the stand all afternoon and parents were involved also. Julia is very friendly, approachable and enthusiastic and makes you feel at ease when handling the animals, whilst always keeping a watchful eye on the animals. I can’t wait to book them again!"

Emily Storey (Event Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Hesley Wood Easter Eggstravaganza (March 2016)

"A fantastic experience that all our Guides and leaders enjoyed. Would definitely recommend to other uniformed groups, unrivalled value for money – the goody bags were an awesome added bonus!"

Lola Wilson (Guide Leader)

Interactive Workshop: Rawdon Guides (January 2016)

"Nature Safari was the perfect entertainment for our boy and his friends, and a refreshing option in comparison to play centres. We couldn’t be happier with our choice and were really pleased with how Julia introduced the children to the animals, as well as how courageously they all handled the more exotic ones. I've had nothing but positive feedback from the parents, it really was a great experience for the kids. Thank you again for a lovely party!"

Neya Willmott (Parent)

Childrens Party (January 2016)

"Nature Safari run the most excellent children’s events.  We have used them for a Bush Craft party for my 9 year old son and for an Animal party for my 7 year old daughter, and on both occasions they absolutely hit the mark on expectation, fun and sheer enjoyment – the kids love it.  The staff are friendly and relate equally well with adults and children of all ages. Julia’s interaction with the kids was absolutely at the right level - perfect!  I would thoroughly recommend Nature Safari for any children’s party or event."

Robb Wallace (Parent)

Children's Party (January 2016)

"The look on the Brownies faces as they entered the hall to be greeted by such a range of animals will stay with me a long time. Meet and greet is an understatement; we had a bearded dragon happily wandering up to the girls, a skunk weaving in and out of them trying to hoover up crumbs and my-oh-my who knew a tarantula could be so brave scuttling across the hall as 24 eyes watched it with great fascination! Such a well run and amazing evening, Thank you!!!"

Louise Fleetwood (Brown Owl)

Interactive Workshop: Barnburgh Brownies (January 2016)

"Absolutely brilliant party! Well worth it, Julia was fabulous with all the kids and kept them all interested for 2 hours. The animals were really well behaved and loved being cuddled. The kids didn't want to go home!"

Paula Davis (Parent)

Childrens Party (December 2015)

"Nature Safari is a great way for students to interact, touch and learn about animals.Our students interacted with lots of animals; including many they would not usually come into contact with. We loved hearing all the "oooo"s and "ahhhh"s when people saw the animals!"

Stacey Swift (Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: WLCT Christmas Fayre (December 2015)

"Nature Safari was great - my Cubs loved it! To see their faces as they saw the different animals and got a chance to touch them too, was amazing. Julia changed the programme to give the Cubs the best experience and most time with the animals. Thank you so much!"

Diane Porter (Cub Scout Leader)

Interactive Workshop: North Ferriby Cub Pack (November 2015)

"It was brilliant to have Nature Safari with us on Saturday – it really added to our Messy Cathedral service, with families being able to look at and handle the all the different animals – thank you!"

Heidi Moore (Messy Cathedral Leader)

Safari Roadshow: Wakefield Cathedral's "Messy Church" (October 2015)

"Superb, friendly and knowledgable staff who know how to interact with children and get the best out of them, as well as passing information on to them. The children are still talking about it and parents have commented on how excited the children were too. Thank you!"

Mark Carr (Assistant Beaver Leader)

Interactive Workshop: 4th Finningley Cub Scouts (September 2015)

"My class loved their Bushcraft day! The staff were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. All the children were engaged in activities for the whole day - and they loved the campfire experience! We had loads of fun!"

Toni Whitehead-Price (Class Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Thrybergh Fullerton Academy (September 2015)

"The joy and excitement on the childrens faces was unmeasurable - worth every penny of the fee. The whole experience was fabulous and I would highly recommend them. The animals were brilliant - I loved the skunk and faced my fears! - and it is obvious that they are well looked after and loved by Nature Safari. Thank you for a fantastic afternoon!"

Victoria Hobson (Senior Community Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: High Greave Infant School/RotherFed (September 2015)

"Nature Safari ran a superb Bushcraft party for my 9 year old and his friends and every one of them thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a real outdoors experience aimed at just the right level for this age group with very friendly staff.  The kids loved every minute of it and it reflected the rough and ready nature of the outdoors (kids were not wrapped in cotton wool).We will now be looking to book an animal party with them for my daughter’s birthday!"

Robb Wallace (Parent)

Children's Party (September 2015)

“Nature Safari provide excellent, professional, interactive animal handling which was a huge hit with our team. What a treat to learn more about such exotic and fascinating creatures, as well as being able to actual hold them. Enjoyed by our kids and grown-ups alike, we would definitely recommend and look forward to booking Nature Safari again!”

Lola Wilson (Engagement Manager)

Safari Roadshow: Vista Summer BBQ (August 2015)

"We booked Nature Safari for our community event and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone we have spoken to since the event. We will most definitely ask for their attendance again at future events. I cannot recommend them enough, very friendly and professional. Thank you for attending!"

Stuart Boardman (Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Party in the Park (August 2015)

"I would recommend Nature Safari for anyone’s event, the attraction itsself is fantastic for all to see, touch, and have their photos taken. Lewis was great with our Service users and helped them enjoy the attraction to the best of their ability  considering their disabilities - they particularly enjoyed the Snake and the rabbits went down well with the kids too! We cannot wait to see them next time they attend our service!"

Angela Hardie (Activities Co-ordinator)

Safari Roadshow: Victoria House Summer Fete (August 2015)

"An enjoyable experience being able to hold different reptiles and having them explained to us. I really enjoyed myself, as did my grandson and other visitors to the gala. I hope you can come again!"

Julia Blagden (Gala Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Harley Gala (July 2015)

"Our visitors thoroughly enjoyed the attraction, especially the children. Fun to be able to interact with the animals and informative too. Julia was extremely helpful and all relevant documentation was readily available. Stay as you are please!"

Steve Edmonds (Funday Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Beighton Gala (July 2015)

"Julia’s Nature Safari experience was a fantastic addition to our end of year family event (Messy Church).  She interacted well with people, never saw her stall empty and was a joy to work with.  Even though setting up required a bit of logistics (as we were in a quadrangle of a former school), she didn’t moan at all but just got stuck in.  Thanks Julia.  You are fab!"

Eric Simpson (Pastor)

Safari Roadshow: Rossington Messy Church (July 2015)

"Once again Julia and her animals entertained the crowds at this year’s Hickleton Summer Fete.  Julia is the most informative and friendly person who really engages with children and adults alike! Nature Safari is one of our most popular attractions and Julia’s gazebo was a hive of activity all day.  All of her animals are well behaved and much loved by Julia which shines through in her passion and enthusiasm.  I couldn’t recommend Julia and her amazing animals enough!" 

Gemma Houghton (Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Hickleton Summer Fete (June 2015)

"A truly excellent experience and service, totally engaged adults and children alike. The event was a delight - I can't recommend enough!"

Elly Dolan (Director/Tutor)

Interactive Workshop: Natural Choice Forest School (June 2015)

"I would thoroughly recommend Nature-safari, it is well organised and the staff are both knowledgeable and have excellent customer care skills.  Health and safety are paramount with this company.  The children loved the variety of animals on show. I would not hesitate the book them for future events!"

Lorna Idle (Gala Co-ordinator)

Safari Roadshow: Kirkheaton Scouts and Guides 50th Anniversary Gala (June 2015)

"Thank you for a fantastic morning, the children, staff and parents had a great time. Lots of opportunities to touch, feel and hold the animals. Julia had a good rapport with the children, relating and reacting to the childrens needs. The gift bags and colouring sheets were a nice touch. Excellent value for money, we will definitely recommend to others and book again! A thoroughly enjoyable experience!"

Fiona Fox (Preschool Leader)

Interactive Workshop: Northowram Preschool (June 2015)

"A great experience for a girls party - we were thrilled how they really wanted to get close to all the animals - even the snake! Julia was very professional and knowledgeable. As for Sullivan - what a star!!!"

Alison Clayton (Parent)

Children's Party (June 2015)

"We had Nature Safari across for our yearly community festival in Molescroft. They brought a good variety of animals, were prompt, very knowledgeable and lovely people to work with. Would certainly recommend them for any event!"

Alistair Crompton (Event Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Picnic at the Pavilion (May 2015)

"Lots of opportunities for the children to hold the animals - and brilliant goody bags too! Thank You!"

Sarah Churchill (Class Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Crookesbroom Primary Academy (April 2015)

"A big "Thank You!" from all of use at Funfishers - the day was a great success for our children of all ages, and the new activities and clay model making gave added interest. The new Goody Bags went down a treat too! The animals were the stars of the show and gave the children opportunities to actively learn about each one, but in addition feel challenged to overcome any fears or apprehensions they might have had bu stroking and holding them in a safe environment. The whole day was fun filled - we just hope the animals weren't too tired after their busy day with us!"

Lesley Calvert (Manager)

Interactive Workshop: Funfishers Holiday Club (April 2015)

"Nature Safari gave the children a fantastic opportunity to learn about and handle the animals in the knowledge and security of the staff who encouraged them. We really enjoyed the variety of animals and the accessibility to handling them. Thank you!"

Anne Marris (Pre-School Manager)

Interactive Workshop: Walkington Pre-school (March 2015)

"Absolutely fantastic !!! Thank you so much for doing my sons birthday party all the kids loved it and most of the adults too !!!! Will definately recommend you,thanks again xxx"

Tracy Hall (Parent)

Childrens Party (December 2014)

"I was really impressed, they had a nice manner with the public with a good variety of animals for people to handle. Will definitely book again!"

Candi Bell (Event Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Wentworth Castle Gardens (December 2014)

"The staff were friendly and everyone seemed to love the animal handling - I loved my cuddle with Sully the Skunk! I can't wait to see you all again at our Summer School in 2015!"

Stacey Swift (Event Manager)

Safari Roadshow: Westfield School (December 2014)

"A fantastic attraction to our school Christmas Fair - a bit hit with visitors and staff alike!"

Sara Backhouse (Event Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Trinity Academy (December 2014)

"Thank you again for a brilliant evening - the cub scouts loved all of it!!

Chris Honhold (Assistant Cub Scout Leader)

Interactive Workshop: 31st Wakefield Cub Scouts (November 2014)

"Unusual features and attractions on the stall, the Field Officers interacted well with all the visitors. A friendly, interesting and very positive experience for both adults and children alike!"

Chris Heardman (Craft Fair Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Clay Cross Craft Fair (November 2014)

"Excellent participation with the public, especially the children. It was a first for our cathedral but it won't be the last - well done!"

Terry Rigg (Event Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Wakefield Cathedral (October 2014)

"Wonderful, fantastic, brilliant! A wonderful learning experience for all the children. Fantastic workshops which were thoroughly enjoyable - we will DEFINITELY book again!"

Nikki Windmill (Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Park Primary School (October 2014)

"So much better than soft play! The field officer, Julia, was fabulous; she was knowledgable and a delight with the children. The animals (and their keeper!) were the stars of the party. Thank you!"

Kirsty Pearson (Parent)

Childrens Party (September 2014)

"Nature Safari was a brilliant addition to our family fun day, enjoyed by all ages. We look forward to having you with us next time!"

Cllr. Dorothy Higginbottom (Event Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Great Houghton Funday (September 2014)

"Nature Safari is a great attraction for any event with children. It provides a good range of animals in excellent condition and housing, along with very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are a great way for children to learn about different animals in a safe, friendly and ccessible environment. We'd certainly want to use you again and are very happy to recommend you to others with confidence."

Christine Peters (Funday Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Macmillan Family Funday (August 2014)

"Jack and Elliott had a great party, with a good variation of animals. I couldn't fault it at all - I will definitely recommend!"

Claire Hostick (Parent)

Childrens Party (August 2014)

"The Field Officer was very friendly and explained what the animals did to the children, we can't wait for our next event to book you again!"

Pat Lyon (Manager)

Safari Roadshow: Victoria Lodge Summer Fair (August 2014)

"I would recommend Nature Safari to any event that is focused on families with young children; they were able to interact with animals they would never usually come into contact with, and the feedback from people was all positive. A unique experience enjoyed by all!"

Tim Johnson (Yorkshire Day Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Yorkshire Day @ The Brigg (August 2014)

"Plenty of opportunity to get close to the exhibits, and lots of positive comments from people on the day. Strongly recommend for next year, Nature safari is just what our gala needs!"

Steve Edmunds (Gala Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Beighton Gala (July 2014)

"The enthusiasm and knowledge of the staff, together with the excellent display set up, was fantastic. We very much hope you can attend next year's event!" 

Greg Roberts (Event Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Eckington Summer Festival (July 2014)

"This was new to our event this year, it was very, very well received and we had lots of lovely feedback from people who attended village day. We would love a return visit next year - with even more animals to see!"

Suzanne Fletcher (Gala Organiser)

Safari Roadshow: Wentworth Village gala (July 2014)

"Thank you for attending our event, we hope you enjoyed your day - everything was great!"

Nicky Sorsby (Sutton cum Lound PTFA)

Safari Roadshow: The Great Sutton Show (July 2014)

"What a super day! Once again you have provided our children with an interesting and enjoyable day, learning about animals and their habitats - as well as being able to handle them too. Fantastic!"

Lesley Calvert (Manager)

Interactive Workshop: Funfishers Club (April 2014)

"A great, fun party enjoyed by all the children. Fantastic! "

Jill Fotheringham (Parent)

Childrens Party (December 2013)

"We would strongly recommend and advocate Nature Safari. A truly enjoyable, informative and interactive experience!"

Kerry Parkin (Project Co-ordinator)

Interactive Workshop: Freedom KDC (November 2013)

"The animal crew were amazing and very well behaved. Thank you to you (and them!) for coming!"

Linzi Hancock (Parent)

Childrens Party (October 2013)

"Thank you for being part of our Summer Gala - we hope to see you again next year!"

Sam Lord (Stronger Communities Officer)

Safari Roadshow: Intake Summer Gala (August 2013)

"What a fantastic day, the children will be talking about the animals for weeks! Well done for keeping their attention, letting them interact and be part of the day. Thank you!"

Lesley Calvert (Manager)

Interactive Workshop: Funfishers Club (July 2013)

"We loved the range of animals and the levels of encouragement given to all the children to participate. We WILL book again!"

Sarah Churchill (Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Crookesbroom Primary (July 2013)

"Very informative hands-on experience, thoroughly enjoyable for all children!"

Karen Dunn (Teacher)

Interactive Workshop: Kirkby Avenue Primary (June 2013)

"Very well presented and professional, everyone loved visiting the animal stand! An excellent exhibition for our International Day event."

Elizabeth Ellison (Headteacher)

Safari Roadshow: Hexthorpe Primary (June 2013)

"Both myself, wife and kids thoroughly enjoyed a interesting and informative day. The Nature Safari team are both friendly and guaranteed to entertain. Had a great day and highly recommend Nature Safari for birthday parties. I'm sure I can speak for all the children in saying it was a special day and one to be remembered!

James Beresford (Parent)

Childrens Party (March 2013)

"Excellent,enjoyable, hands-on experience for our children. The children loved the relaxed atmosphere and Julia's manner. Fantastic!"

Linda Redfern (Deputy Headteacher)

Interactive Workshop: Coppice Academy (March 2013)

"Thank you so much for the birthday party, thoroughly enjoyed by children and adults alike!"

Elaine Gardner (Parent)

Childrens Party (December 2012)

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