Nature Safari: Therapy Sessions

Workshops focused towards wellbeing and enjoyment 

From animal handling to sensory gardening, our Therapy Sessions are tailored to promote physical and mental wellbeing in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Our workshops allow participants to progress at their own pace, whilst interacting in a series of engaging activities. This allows participants to develop self-confidence, applied skills and communication abilities, in a warm and inspiring way.

Our "Animal Encounter" sessions allow participants to interact with a selection of mammals,  reptiles and invertebrates. All our animals are fully handleable, and individuals are encouraged to observe, touch and handle each of the animals present whilst being given lots of interesting facts and anecdotes about each one.


We also deliver "Nature Therapy" sessions, ranging from practical woodland crafting through to wildlife gardening. Participants are encouraged to work in small groups in an outdoor setting, with full guidance and equipment provided to allow every participant to get involved and complete tasks which they can take pride in achieving.

 Some of our recent therapy workshops have included.... 

Residential Care Homes

Sheltered Housing / Accomodation TARAs

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Schools

Dementia / Alzeihemers Specialist Centres

Eating Disorders Centres

Women's Institute Groups

Our Therapy Workshops are tailored to your requirements, including combining activities.

If you would like us to deliver a session to a group which isn’t listed, 

just let us know and we will create a session for you! 

With prices starting from just £75 per workshop and

a large range to choose from, why not make an booking today?

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