Nature Safari: Workshops!

What's so facinating about nature? EVERYTHING!

From bushcraft skills to animal observations, our Nature Safari workshops will inspire, engage and develop students into viewing the world around them in a whole new way; embedding literacy and numeracy along the way.

Animal Encounter Workshops

Discover all about our critters through observation, touch and interactive handling opportunities. There are even awards for the best handler!

Bushcraft Experience Workshops

From creating a campfire to making a woodland artefact, our sessions encourage students to develop new skills, build confidence and explore the outdoors!

"Wild-Style" Tutoring

Individual workshops with a twist! Build confidence and academic skills with an animal companion to help them achieve.

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" For three years running this has been the favourite event of our summer activities programme at Edlington Library. It's always lovely to see the looks on the children's faces who obviously enjoy the session immensely! An enjoyable, entertaining and educational hands-on experience for the children which is always professional and well organised."

Mary Camm (Library Supervisor)


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 All participants are encouraged to get involved through positive feedback and rewards, as we feel this boosts the enjoyment and development of each individual hugely. Everyone is awarded with a "participation" gift to take home, plus a sticker to show off with pride too! 

With prices starting from just £75 per workshop and

a large range to choose from, why not make an booking today?

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